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!TTM!Slashers Weak Heli server / Re: Andy's server.
« Last post by !TTM!slasher on March 30, 2020, 03:27:17 PM »
yea well said rob, better to loose an idiot and his mates rob that let them ruin the gd name of ttm :-)
!TTM!Slashers Weak Heli server / Re: Andy's server.
« Last post by !TTM!HeadUK on March 29, 2020, 08:36:09 PM »
Well we achieve our goal tonight Andy, and good work on trying to make him bite. He was fine the first map, but then his bucket mouth opened up. We may have lost his friends forever, but at least we managed to ban Szenorbi which was the main thing  :).
It's so lovely to have you back again Louise, because you've been truly missed by me and others xx  :-*.
Hey guys its louise, finally have my computer back so just wanted to stop by and see how you all are. How is everyone? x
!TTM!Slashers Weak Heli server / Re: Andy's server.
« Last post by !TTM!slasher on March 28, 2020, 09:44:52 PM »
I think he will do rob at some point.
!TTM!Slashers Weak Heli server / Re: Andy's server.
« Last post by !TTM!HeadUK on March 28, 2020, 08:46:29 PM »
A very quiet night on the server with just a netherland player, and of-course our old clan member Neo joining myself and Andy. None of the players from the last two nights appeared which was sad lol  ;D, beings I was truly looking forward to issuing a ban on the player SZENORBI. Lets hope he shows his face again real soon  :) ;D :D
!TTM!Slashers Weak Heli server / Re: Andy's server.
« Last post by !TTM!HeadUK on March 28, 2020, 10:11:57 AM »
Wow what a damn cheek the player SZENORBI had last night on the server, by voting to temp ban me first then you Andy :o. I killed him 3 times in a row with my knife, then all of a sudden I noticed him bring up the ban vote and temporary ban me from the server. The guy was obviously pissed off at me for knifing him 3 times in a row, especially when he was getting a good death/kill ratio on all previous maps over the past two nights.  He's obviously young and very immature to even think about removing both of us from the server Andy, and his immaturity also shows by the amount of swearing and racist remarks he's used over the past two nights.   

If we had been running PB on the server then I could have instantly lifted both the temp bans on both of us Andy. I could have issued a permanent ban on him straight away via rcon last night, but i decided to let him and the others play just to let him think he had one over us  ;) :D ;D.  I then change the server settings slightly to remove the voting and reduce the temporary ban time from 3.600 seconds to 600 seconds, but I left it till after they left the server to restart the server to activate the changes. I then rejoined the server to check all the settings.   

The other 5 guys that were playing all acted in a perfectly good manner, it was just SZENORBI who was both very cocky and disrespectful. I'll confront him tonight and then give him a taste of his own medicine  ;D. Yes will probably end up losing the 5 good guys, but that's far better than letting one guy think he can own and rule the server/players the way he wants.   

If you go on the server tonight at about 6.00 Andy, then we'll test the voting system to make sure its disabled :).     
!TTM!Slashers Weak Heli server / Re: Andy's server.
« Last post by !TTM!slasher on March 27, 2020, 03:49:33 PM »
thanx for your in depth coments rob a usual a full and frank explanation, and yea rob totally agree m8 thanx rob :-)
!TTM!Slashers Weak Heli server / Andy's server.
« Last post by !TTM!HeadUK on March 26, 2020, 08:02:18 PM »
There isn't anyway to display any permanent server rules Andy without enabling punkbuster. With the old AGRCON tool you could add server messages and save them, then run those messages whilst you were running AGRCON. I can still download AGRCON, but for some reason i cant run it on windows 7. I keep getting an error message regarding the version of Java i'm using, and AGRCON instructs me to update my version of Java. I've tried updating Java, and according to the Java website I have the latest version for windows 7. I have manually created certain server rules in a text document and saved them, I can then display those rules on the server via rcon as and when required. That's the only way I can display any server rules at the moment sorry.

I can enable map vote into the server cfg file should you require that Andy, then at least you and other players can vote for the map you want. As far as i'm aware though it needs more than just one player to vote for a map change, and you also need to understand that by allowing map voting your also adding a possible further 10 second time delay between map changes  :-\

Yes you had 8 players on the server tonight besides yourself which was absolutely great, but none of those players apart from yourself and I had a legitimate guid that was recognised by Pb Bans lol ;D.  They were just a group of close friends who decided to take over your vacant server and have a bit of fun. Yes they were being very naughty by using racial remarks and swearing at each other occasionally, but that has to be expected whilst no server rules were being displayed. I asked you to turn a blind eye to that because I knew they would leave the server if you or I started laying down the law and enforcing the rules, and you agreed to that which was fabulous.

We may never see them on the server again, but if they do play again on a regular basis then their only going to attract more players to the server. As long as we keep the server hack free, then I dont see the need for us to display or enforce any rules for the time being  :). Just issue a mild warning if any player goes beyond what we would consider as being unreasonable/unacceptable behaviour :).

I've enabled map voting for the time being Andy  :).
hi mark nice to see you back hope your doing well  :) see you on the server soon
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