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-Robert and Mark Welcome you to !TTM!/VSOP|, and Shane welcomes you to his affiliated Death Lords Clan -)DL(-

The Twisted Minds is an international mature fun gaming clan that was formed in 2007, and the primary goal was for its members to have fun at all times. Because of this goal we do not discriminate members for their skill level in games. This creates a fun and relaxed environment that promotes a drama free and hacking free clan.

In February 2018 !TTM! and VSOP| joined forces to Merge as one big happy family. We are currently hosting a modified Call of Duty 4 server, and Mark is hosting 3 modded cod 4 servers with the B3 addon. !TTM!/VSOP| are also affiliated with Shane's Death Lords Clan -)DL(- Where you can register and enjoy playing on Shane's servers

Our active and approachable leaders and members can be reached via this website, either through forums or pm. Shane and Mark can also be reached via this website, or via their website links on this homepage. Our clan leaders make sure that our servers run as smooth as possible and are there to help players who needs help with their gaming experience, and of course to have fun with all players who play on our servers. It's our wonderful leaders and dedicated senior members that make !TTM!/VSOP what it is today, and we pride ourselves on the commitment that our members have in bringing the best possible experience to the game.

This site is updated on a daily basis with content related to the clan and PC gaming in general, and it is the perfect place to go to check us out or apply to be a member.

We are always accepting new member applications so please join our forums and introduce yourself.


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