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Author Topic: COD 4 SERVER RULES.  (Read 3185 times)


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« on: February 19, 2013, 02:56:12 PM »
1 Dont glitch/cheat/spawn camp/Elevate or use bad language.
2 Dont hang about or run between spawn points purely to gain kills.
3 Dont plant claymores on/near or facing spawn points. 
4 Respect Players and Admin at all times.
5 Spawn killing is only allowed whilst passing spawns. 
6 No Offensive/racist name tags.
7 Dont use jump/bounce/strafe combinations to access parts of maps that are not normally accessible.
8 Dont go passed or out of any map boundary.
9 Speak English at all times where possible.
10 Disrespect to members/players will not be tolerated
11 Avoid camping in positions where spawn points are clearly visible to you.
12 Dont start or get involved in any argument with any member/player whilst on any !TTM! server.
13 Dont accuse players of hacking, unless you have the evidence to support your accusation. 
14 Dont self Suicide.

14 Any member found to be using any type/form of hack, will receive a permanent server ban and be removed from the clan.

15 Any members who gain a guid ban by either PbBans or GGC will be removed from the clan on a temporary basis to start with. Members will be given the chance to appeal against a guid ban. Members who fail to appeal against a guid ban within the set time limit will be removed from the clan.     

16 Members are allowed to use saved profiles belonging to them, but only in circumstances where they need to reinstall windows/cod 4.

17 Always obey the rules that apply to the appropriate server you choose to play on.

18 Always obey any instructions issued to you by the appropriate server Administrators/Admins.

19 Dont interfere with work being carried out on the server by any server Executive/Admin

20 Dont make hack accusations against members/players whilst on the servers. Always gather as much proof/evidence as possible, then Contact the appropriate server Executive/clan leader.

21 Dont allow family members to use your cd key, unless you notify the server Executive/Admin that a family member is using your key.

22 Always wear the clan tag whilst on any !TTM! server. The only persons exempt from this ruling are Clan leaders and Executives

The clan leaders have the right to add new rules or adjust the above rules at any given time.
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