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Title: Pc issues, any help ??
Post by: !TTM!DavJaVu on December 31, 2020, 01:36:53 AM
Firstly is anyone in the UK selling a mobo, CPU, (cheap has to be capable of running a few games like cod 4, GTA 5 that sort of stuff) also must take ddr3 as I have memory already ! If so let me know. It's for a potential new member.

Whilst on subject of PCs currently I have a storage drive where all my games are stored etc.. (2tb HDD) I want to put in a 1TB SSD as better performance and also I don't need anywhere near 2tb anyway,

So all my games are installed etc.. on the storage drive as well as other stuff. Can I just copy paste everything over or do I need to uninstall the games etc.. and re-install !
Just don't fancy losing half my game saves etc.. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Title: Re: Pc issues, any help ??
Post by: !TTM!HeadUK on December 31, 2020, 10:20:54 AM
Myself and Tommy use Paragon hard disk manager 17 to copy and migrate the contents of any drive to another drive.

I purchased another kingston Xtreme 500 gig ssd just before xmas, to replace the 1 tera WD hard drive in my pc that i use to store my games on.
Paragon 17 did the job perfectly, but it may take up to 1 hour or more to copy and transfer the contents.  Regardless of you storing your games on one drive Dave, there will be associated files and registry files stored on you main C: drive. You cant just copy and paste the contents of one drive to another and expect it to work Dave.

If you use torrents dave you can download Paragon from here     

Make sure you disable windows defender or any other anti virus program though before running Paragon, beings windows defender or avast ect will remove certain files during the Paragon instalation  >:(. 

As far as spare mobo's and cpu's are concerned, tommy was telling me the other day he's got plenty of spare pc bits in his home  ;) ;) ;). So have a word with him and see what he's got  ;) ;D :)  I have a slimline 14 inch Dell Latitude E7440 i5 Laptop available, which is currently running win10 home edition on a 128 gig ssd.  The battery is naffed though, but it works perfectly on the charger. The cheapest E7440 i've seen on ebay is £179 (buy it now price). Ive looked on ebay for a replacment battery, but there between the £25 to £50 mark. I'm not willing to spend that amount on any pigging laptop battery ;D. I'm open to offers around the £100 mark if anyone is interested  :).

Model:   Dell Latitude E7440   RAM Size:   8 GB
Operating System:   Windows 10   
Brand:   Dell
type:   Ultrabook
Processor:   Intel Core i5 4th Gen.   Processor Speed:   2.00 GHz
Product Line:   Latitude   
Features:   Backlit Keyboard, Built-in Webcam
Memory:   8GB   Hard Drive Capacity:   128 GB
SSD Capacity:   128 GB   MPN:   E7440
Hardware Connectivity:   HDMI   GPU:   Intel core i5
Screen Size:   14 in   Storage Type:   SSD (Solid State Drive)
Processor Type:   Intel Core i5 4th Gen. 
Title: Re: Pc issues, any help ??
Post by: !TTM!DavJaVu on December 31, 2020, 02:41:30 PM
Hi Robert thanks for all the advice and I will use paragon as suggested. The mobo is for a pc iv just built for my nephew's as it's randomly just cutting out, it's only a basic build running on DDR3 but I suspect either power supply HDD or worse case mobo.

I have spare HDD when I take mine out and got a power supply coming off my other nephew on the other side of the family. So just need a mobo and processor and jobs a good 1 hopefully.

As for the laptop, I'm already have a couple so not in any need but will ask around for you.
Title: Re: Pc issues, any help ??
Post by: !TTM!HeadUK on December 31, 2020, 04:44:16 PM
A faulty PSU will cause any pc to cut out aspecially if its over heating during gaming. The same applies to the cpu if you dont have a decent cpu cooler.

Download Speccy. That will allow you to monitor the temperature of your cpu/ram/mobo and graphic card whilst the pc is running. Speccy doesent monitor the psu though. if all the pc components stay within the green range whilst running speccy, then it has to be the psu thats failing when it gets hot  :)

I'm in no hurry to get rid of the laptop either dave. I was just putting the feelers out to see if any members were interested in buying it  :D ;) ;).

Title: Re: Pc issues, any help ??
Post by: !TTM!DonPietro 比利 on January 01, 2021, 10:16:20 AM
I can confirm Paragon is a great bit of software.

Wish I had some spare bits around mate, when the first lockdown happened back in March I had a good clear out so got nothing spare now.

Good deal on that laptop Rob, if I was in need I'd of snapped your hand off for that at that price, just sold my step sons laptop because it was a bloody ornament lol.
Title: Re: Pc issues, any help ??
Post by: !TTM!HeadUK on January 01, 2021, 12:40:50 PM
Like i previously stated Billy. I'm in no real hurry to get rid of the laptop, and yes it's only going cheap to members because i have no use for it now  :D. If i advertised it on Gumtree for £100 my phone wouldnt stop ringing  ;D ;D ;D.
Title: Re: Pc issues, any help ??
Post by: !TTM!DavJaVu on January 01, 2021, 01:13:00 PM
Thanks guys for all the advice, will try all the above. I'm gonna pick it up tomorrow night and get it sorted once and for all hopefully ready for Sunday's games.

I also have my new hard drive coming Sunday so I will make the swap Sunday night / Monday morning then put my old 2tb HDD in his pc.
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